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Our Top 5 Mariage Frères Blend Picks

Our Top 5 Mariage Frères Blend Picks

Mariage Frères, the luxury Parisian tea company started by the Mariage family, has been a prominent tea importer since the 17th century. Under King Louis XIV’s order, Nicolas Mariage took numerous China trade expeditions to import teas and distribute them within France. At the same time, Nicolas’ brother, Pierre, further strengthened the family’s tea expertise by representing the French East India Company, which also imported tea from China. 

 During this time, the expense of importing tea from China made the beverage affordable only to the upper echelons of French society. To properly serve tea, the French upper class also imported expensive Chinese porcelain teaware. After the Europeans discovered the Chinese secret of making fine porcelain, Louis XV commissioned the city of Limoges to make teaware worthy of the royals.

In 1854, Henri and Edouard Mariage established the first retail and wholesale tea establishment in the Marais District of Paris. As the demand for more Mariage tea grew, other Mariage Frères stores opened in Paris and eventually throughout France. As their brand became famous worldwide, Mariage shops spread to Japan, Germany, and England. 

What are some Mariage firsts? Mariage was one of the first tea companies to promote green tea as a health-enhancing beverage offering. In 1860, Mariage Frères introduced their first artisan chocolate, Chocolat des Mandarins, which was flavored with Marco Polo black tea. Presently, the company boasts an extensive collection of 123 signature tea blends and a selection of over 500 teas catered to tea enthusiasts worldwide. 

From the bustling streets of cosmopolitan cities to serene tea houses nestled in picturesque landscapes, Mariage Frères found a new home for many of their tea blends. The Cultured Cup is one of the few U.S. retailers to carry their tea in bulk, and our customers can buy over 50 Mariage teas in 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 ounce amounts in-store or from The Cultured Cup’s website:

The Cultured Cup also carries an unmatched U.S. collection of Mariage teas in their signature tin or teabag packaging. These French teas complement the other extraordinary artisan tea offerings available only at The Cultured Cup. In North Texas and throughout the U.S., The Cultured Cup infuses every cup of tea with sophistication and flavor. 

The Cultured Cup’s long association with Mariage Frères has been continually cultivated through our tea knowledge, 27 years of business acumen, our prestige of being named the 2019 Best Tea Shop in the U.S., and our unmatched knowledge of the world’s tea cultures.  

To pay homage to Mariage Frères’ 150-year history of tea expertise, we list some of The Cultured Cup’s favorite Mariage tea and tisane blends: 

French Breakfast

Mariage Frères’ French Breakfast is perfect for those who enjoy a flavorful morning black tea. This complex blend of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas features notes of chocolate and malt that give this tea a refined flavor unique among breakfast teas. Start your day with the unmatched flavors of this distinctive and French-style breakfast tea. 


Noël black tea, Mariage’s Christmastime blend, is infused with festive organic black tea, orange zest, dried apple bits, spices, and vanilla flavoring. Popular during the holiday season, the (brewed) tea can also be used as a culinary ingredient to flavor oatmeal or dried fruit, or in a hot toddy recipe. Also, consider infusing this tea in butter to add a festive flavor to all your holiday baking recipes!

Marco Polo       

Marco Polo is Mariage Frères’ most popular flavored black tea blend!  Bursting with an intoxicating blend of sweet and tart red fruits and subtle lotus flower, this tea is a crowd-pleaser. The Cultured Cup offers this tea in bulk (2, 4, 8, 16 ounce amounts) or in a signature Mariage black tin, and in a gold-foil-lined box of 30 hand-tied tea sachets (teabags).  

Earl Grey French Blue   

Earl Grey fans will appreciate this tea’s zesty and fruity flavor combination. Vibrant blue cornflowers contribute a delicate floral finish. The popularity of this blend is often imitated, but its originality is unmatched because of the finest ingredients. Add milk for a creamy mouth feel or a splash of vanilla syrup to create a London Fog. Also available in bulk, signature Mariage black tin, and tea sachets.

Chai Earl Grey

Masala Chai aficionados may also want to consider the Chai Earl Grey. Combining Masala Chai’s spicy elements with bergamot’s floral and citrus peel flavors creates a symphony of flavors! 


Bourbon (Vanilla) Rooibos      

Mariage Frères’ caffeine-free Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos is a tisane tea. Rich and smooth vanilla notes at the start mean that this tea is a great alternative to sugary sodas, particularly when sparkling water is added to it. Notes of caramel and malt offer a light sweetness that leaves a lingering aftertaste. The strength of the flavor also deepens with longer steep times and can result in oak or grass notes being detected. 

Mariage Frères Tea Collection No. 1 is the perfect gift for exploring some of the decadent teas this company offers. Whether it’s the tea salons of Tokyo, the chic boutiques of New York, or the elegant tearooms of London, Mariage Frères’ teas evoke a sense of luxury, refinement, and the timeless allure of Parisian sophistication. The company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of tea production and the artistry of tea blending has solidified their reputation as a global leader in the industry. 

Kyle Stewart, a Certified Tea Specialist, is our in-house tea expert and will teach an introductory tea class at the next World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. He has taught numerous classes for World Tea Expo. He regularly holds cupping sessions with our tasting panel to evaluate teas and to ensure only the best teas are selected. Stop by our store to learn more about Mariage Frères’ and The Cultured Cup’s collection of artisan teas. 


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