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Co Owners Phil & Kyle sipping mugs of the best coffee & the best tea on white staircase

Our quest for exceptional teas and coffees is a journey of continuous exploration. Much like master sommeliers, we are relentless in our pursuit of the extraordinary, always seeking the next unparalleled experience.

Our pursuit is bolstered by a vast network of experts, including a tea vendor whose remarkable journey began with an anthropology degree from Yale. Her profound passion for both tea and her Chinese heritage led her to specialize in the study of unique teas. She is a dedicated traveler who frequently embarks on journeys to China, unearthing novel flavors with each visit. In fact, her last expedition yielded a bounty of 10 remarkable teas exclusively for us.

From time to time, serendipity plays a hand in our discoveries. Take, for instance, the recent visit of an award-winning artist, a friend and customer, who dropped by our tasting room to lend his creative talents to our packaging. Amidst tea tastings and conversations, we uncovered a fascinating connection: his brother, residing in Hong Kong, specializes in sourcing premium and aged tea bricks of extraordinary quality. Naturally, we promptly placed our order.

Once these exquisite teas are in our possession, we convene for 'cupping sessions' with our discerning tasting panel. We meticulously assess the dry and wet leaves, as well as the steeped tea, all with a keen focus on expanding our repertoire of flavor profiles. It is during these sessions that the true standouts emerge, and these exceptional finds are eagerly shared with our customers through formal tasting events and our welcoming Saturday open tasting.

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