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How to Choose Teaware v2

cluster of handmade clay and ceramic tea cups, matcha bowls, and other tea ware

What is "ware"? When preparing for your tea tasting adventure, you'll need the right equipment. We call anything that you might use to store, prepare or serve coffee, tea, or drinking chocolate your ware. 

How do we find the best ware for your unique flavor adventure? We ask ourselves: Does it enhance the experience? Is it fast, foolproof, and durable? Does it help create mindfulness? Is it art? Form and function are what we look for in each category: 

Preparation: Temperature, timing, quantity, and the quality of the water are all factors in making a great cup of tea. So is how much time you're able to spend.

Serving: There are countless ways to serve tea, and those methods are often very personal to those doing the serving. For example, many of our customers create their own special tea rituals as a way to inspire calm in their lives. 

StorageTea should be stored away from air, light, and moisture. That's important for product freshness and is why we store and ship tea in sealed, airtight packaging. We recommend you do the same at home.

With over 25 years of evaluating beverage ware, we carefully assess each item for form, function, and value. Our ware ranges from quick-and-easy makers for when you're on the go to handmade tea bowls, perfect for creating a quiet, serene momentWe'll help you find the right ware for your daily cup or a special occasion.

Fun Fact: The tea ceremony was introduced to Japan by a Buddhist monk Named Eisai, who also introduced Zen Buddhism to Japan.

In ancient times, Buddhist monks designed the tea ceremony to affect all the senses—to wake the person up both physically and spiritually. It is thought that uniting the mind and body in this way brings a deep inner peace and tranquility.

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