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What makes coffee flavorful? Three things create a flavorful cup of coffee: the origin, the harvesting and processing of the bean, and how the coffee is roasted.

Flavor is inherent in coffee and can also be added. Added flavors are oils, spices, herbs, flowers, and fruits. When a flavor is added, a plus sign (+) appears after the roast profile: light roast+, for example. If there are no added flavorings, it would simply be a light roast.

Let's talk coffee origins. Coffee comes from three major regions: the Americas, Africa, and Indonesia. Each of these regions has a specific flavor profile. 

Let's talk coffee harvesting. Our coffees come from plantations with exacting quality standards for the cultivation, picking, and handling of the beans they grow. The beans selected are consistently sized and have smooth surfaces. This quality control ensures consistent roasting.

Let's talk coffee roasting. The local roaster uses exacting roasting profiles to ensure consistency and bring out the origin's unique flavors. We classify our coffees according to how they are roasted: light (city roast), medium (Viennese), or dark (Italian, French). 

So how do you choose? We recommend that you taste the differences, whether you visit our store or request a sample via email or phone. Once you find your favorite, we guarantee you'll consistently get that same wonderful flavor in every bag we deliver and in every cup you savor. 

Fun Fact: Despite the name, coffee beans are actually seeds. When the seeds (or beans) are removed from the fruit of the coffee plant, they're green. Later, after they have been roasted, they take on their characteristic, dark brown color.

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