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Passion & Adventure v2

Our journey at The Cultured Cup has been profoundly shaped by our exploration of diverse cultures. During one remarkable adventure through Southeastern Asia, we had the privilege of visiting our first tea garden nestled in the lush Cameroon Highlands of Malaysia.

Spanning over three decades, Phil and I have embarked on countless expeditions across Asia and Europe. Our purpose? To savor, learn, and bring back the treasures we uncover to share with our beloved Cultured Cup community. These voyages have not only enriched our understanding but have also allowed us to form deep connections with fellow enthusiasts of tea, coffee, and chocolate—many of whom are esteemed experts in their respective fields.

Our commitment to nurturing these friendships is unwavering. We stay in close contact with these aficionados, consistently seeking their insights into the latest and most exceptional discoveries in the world of tea, coffee, and chocolate. This network of passionate connoisseurs continually expands, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of new developments and trends.

Once we've sourced the most tantalizing flavor profiles, we bring them back to our dedicated team. Through collaborative tasting sessions, we ignite the same passion for discovery that fuels us. It's within these shared experiences that we refine our selection and curate a truly exceptional offering for you, our valued customers.

At The Cultured Cup, our commitment to exploration, learning, and sharing remains at the heart of our mission. We invite you to join us on this journey as we celebrate the richness of cultures through the flavors we discover and the stories we tell.

Kyle Stewart & Phil Krampetz, co-owners of The Cultured Cup

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