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Cold-Brew Tea Maker, Glass/Stainless, 68 oz

By ForLife

Unit prepares 68 oz of tea! Place tea in the filter, fill the jug with cold water, cool for 4–8 hrs, and you're done! Makes hot tea too! 

Available only in turquoise. Includes a sample of our There Will be Blood Orange.

Product Details: L: 7.5" x W: 5.5" x H: 8.0" Weight: 1.23 lbs. Pitcher is made of lead-free glass, and the strainer is high-grade stainless steel. Unit holds 68 oz of liquid. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

Fun Fact: The oldest printed recipes for iced tea date back to the 1870s. After 1900, iced tea became commonplace in cookbooks, and black tea began replacing green as the preferred tea for serving cold.

Sample Ingredients: Sri Lanka black tea, orange peel, flavoring, safflower petals