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How to Choose Ware

What is Ware? When preparing your tea or coffee taste adventure, you need the right equipment. We call anything that you might use to store, prepare or serve coffee, tea, or drinking chocolate your ware

How do we find the best ware to further enhance your flavor experiences? We ask ourselves: Does it enhance your flavor experience, is it fast, foolproof, will it last, does it make you more mindful, and is it art? Form and function are what we look for in each category: 

Storage: Both tea and coffee should be stored away from air, light, and moisture. That's important for product freshness, and why we store and ship both coffee and tea in sealed, air-tight packaging. We recommend you do the same at home.

Preparation: Temperature, timing, quantity, and the quality of the water are all factors in making a great cup. So is how much time you have to spend. Let us help find the right fit for you!

Serving: There are many ways to serve coffee and tea, and most are very personal to who's using it. So we create a customer experience for you.

With over 25 years of evaulating beverage ware, we carefully test and assess each item for form, function and value. Our ware ranges from quick-and-easy makers to hand-made tea bowls that put you in the moment. We will help you find the right ware for your daily cup or for a special occasion.

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