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Witch Finger Cookies

Witch Finger Cookies


    • 1 1/3 cups flour
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • 4 oz cold butter, cut into cubes
    • 8 oz strong cheddar **cut into small cubes
    • Egg wash: 1 egg whisked with a pinch of salt
    • Sliced almonds (for fingers)


  1. . Place flour, salt and butter cubes in processor and pulse 3-4 times
  2. . Add the cheese and process until the mixture forms a dough
  3. . Turn the dough onto a well floured board and form into a 12” log
  4. . Cut into 24 slices
  5. . Form each slice into a 4” ‘finger
  6. . Brush with egg wash and press an almond ‘nail’ into 1 end
  7. . Set on baking paper lined cookie sheet and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes
  8. . Bake fingers for about 25 minutes on a lower rack in the oven until lightly browned
  9. . Cool completely before removing from baking paper


  • 1. Choose a variety of strong cheddar – and if you like a spicy flavor – choose a spicy cheddar as one of the choices
  • 2. If you want to ‘bend’ the fingers [to crawl out of a Halloween box!] Roll up foil into a thin roll and slip under the baking paper. Arrange the fingers over the ‘roll so they ‘bend’. They will keep that shape when they bake.
  • 3. If you do not want fingers – cut the 12” log into 24 slices. Set the slices on a baking paper lined cookie sheet and bake until lightly browned.

    This recipe was developed for the Cultured Cup by Kyra Effren

    Copyright The Cultured Cup


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