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Tea-riffic Turkey Brine

Tea turkey brine recipe turkey in a bag brining.

This recipe was curated for the Cultured Cup by Joanne Bondy. 

 A special recipe that was created to demo at one of our bi-weekly tea socials, an free after-hours social meet on Fridays. People can meet other interesting people, try new teas, have an alternative hang-out to alcohol centric businesses, and learn something new from our featured guests! November 18, 2022's social was hosted by special guest Joanne Bondy, an acclaimed DFW chef who has cooked at the James Beard House in NYC and is the owner of Stocks & Bondy, a business that makes artisanal, organic stocks and broths for restaurants and the public. She created an innovative tea brine using 2 of our most popular tisane tea blends. Impress your friends and family this holiday season with this tea-riffic turkey!

Brine to submerge a 10 lb Turkey


  • 2 Tbs Baked Apple Almond fruit tisane
  • 2 Tbs Ayurvedic Calm spice tisane
  • 4 Tbs Kosher Salt
  • 2 Tbs Spike Seasoning (red label)
  • Optional Fresh Herbs: Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme. (small handful, give them a little twist.)


  1. Add all ingredients to 1 Gallon of hot water (tamp temp ).
  2. Stir to dissolve the salt.
  3. Add 1 Gallon ice water.
  4. Submerge turkey and brine for about 30 hours. If needed, weight down with dinner plates then lid.

Note* Don't forget to remove the giblets!


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