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How to Store Tea

How to Store Tea

Storing tea can be simple.

Store tea in a dry, dark place in an opaque and air-tight container.  Light negatively affects the freshness of tea. When tea leaves are exposed to light it gives them a metallic flavor, so  it’s wise to keep your tea away from light.
Store tea in a cupboard away from strong odors.

QUESTION: Where are the worst places to store your tea?   Here's a clue . . .

 Open refrigerator with red x over photo

spices in cabinet with red x over picture


ANSWER: The refrigerator or near your spices.


Because tea leaves will absorb the scent of their surroundings. This is beneficial in the production of scented teas such as jasmine where the leaves are stored in close proximity with jasmine blossoms resulting in a jasmine scented tea. However, this same quality of tea can be detrimental should your tea leaves come in contact with unpleasant odors. This not only means that you should store your tea storage vessels in a place free from strong smells but it also means that whatever vessel or container that you are storing your tea in must not have a strong smell.

Tea must be kept away from moisture
Tea leaves release their flavor when exposed to moisture. Keeping your tea storage free of moisture isn’t just as simple as keeping the leaves away from visible liquids. Tea is hygroscopic, and will absorb moisture from the air. An airtight storage container is really what you you need to block out moisture.

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