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Wuyi Rock Oolong

The Cultured Cup Oolong

A dark oolong from where oolong tea originated: the Wuyi Mountains. Upfront notes of red fruit and nuttiness with a lingering, mouthwatering finish.

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Oolong red fruit, nutty, minerality, juicy aftertaste

Tea Tips: A dark but velvety-smooth oolong. Delicious alone or paired with food. To enjoy all the flavors in this tea, drink without milk or sugar. 

Ingredients: 100% China organic oolong, Fujian Province's Wuyi Mountains 

How to Steep: Western-style: 1.5–2 tsp, 8 oz water, 205°F, 4–5 min Eastern-style: Use 2–3 times more tea: Steep #1=20 sec, #2=30 sec, #3=40 sec, #4=50 sec. Continue steeping leaves until flavor fades.

Fun Fact: Wuyi Rock oolong teas (yan cha) grow in mineral-rich soil on rocky terrain. The soil contains bits of broken rocks, which influence the unique flavors.

.Similar Teas: Dan Cong Stone Fruit, Golden Needles Imperial, Scarlet Robe