White Peony Fujian

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A beautiful introduction to the world of white tea. Smooth, soft and intoxicatingly fragrant - this Bai Mu Dan shows off what white tea has to offer.

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  • 2.0-2.5 tsp per 8 oz of water, 185°F, 5 min

    • Grown on the mountains of Fujian, China, this tea consists of silver buds and fresh young leaves and steeps into a beautiful golden yellow color with an unexpectedly robust flavor and texture 
    • Chinese for White Peony is Bai Mu Dan
    • It has a subtle sweetness that is buttery and light, with pleasing, slightly astringent vegetal notes (somewhat like buttered and steamed green beans)
    • Notice the notes of fresh hay, and the long, smooth aftertaste
    • A calming cup, but you'll be anxious for more
    • There are two major types of white tea: Silver Needles and White Peony
    • Silver Needles is made up of only leaf buds while White Peony consists mainly of tea leaves with a few leaf buds
    • It's almost impossible to over steep White Peony or Silver Needles
    • Chèvre or another gentle soft cheese
    • Basmati rice
    • Rice or tapioca pudding
  • China, Fujian Province white tea: 100%

  • Snow Peach, White Riesling, Silver Needles

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