Teapot, Iron, Black/2-Textures, 24oz

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  • Teapot, Iron, Black/2-Textures, 24oz
  • Teapot, Iron, Black/2-Textures, 24oz
  • Teapot, Iron, Black/2-Textures, 24oz
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This black iron Japanese-style teapot has two contrasting patterns. The teapot's top half has textured vertical lines, while the bottom half has a pebbly texture. Using this teapot will heighten the sensory experience of preparing and serving tea.  A generously-sized stainless steel infuser is included.  Shown with an optional black iron trivet. Buy the matching trivet.

Includes a sample of our amazing Kukicha green tea.
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  • Fun Facts
    • The large infuser basket is completely recessed and lifts out easily. handle.
    • Makes 24 fluid oz. of tea
    • Non-drip pouring spout.
    • Do not use this teapot on a stovetop.
    • After preparing tea in this teapot, carefully dry the interior enameled surface.  Doing this will lengthen the life of your cast iron teapot. 
    • Cast iron teapots originated in China, but the Japanese began manufacturing iron teapots, known as tetsubinbetween the 17th and 18th centuries.  The teapots became an important part of the Japanese tea ceremony and today are popular worldwide. Traditionally these teapots were heated with a charcoal fire, but we recommend not doing this.

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