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Teapot, Art Deco, Black, 30.5 oz
Teapot, Art Deco, Black, 30.5 oz

Teapot, Art Deco, Black, 30.5 oz

$ 139.95
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This Art Deco teapot comes with an infuser and a removable, felt-lined, stainless-steel cozy that keeps tea hot for an hour. Ensure the magic of teatime, every time with this teapot!  

Includes a sample of three Mariage Frères teas. 

Product Features: Dimensions: Height = 7"/Diameter (from handle to spout) = 9.5"/Diameter (excluding handle & spout) = 5.5" | Capacity = 30.5 oz (0.9 L) | The teapot's interior is enamel-coated | Non-drip pouring spout | Ergonomic handle | Includes a stainless-steel infuser

Care Instructions: To clean the ceramic teapot, unclip and remove the stainless cozy. The ceramic part of this teapot is dishwasher-safe. To clean the cozy, wipe with a cotton cloth. 

Fun Fact: To keep teapots hot after tea was brewed, Victorian English households used the tea cozy—a padded fabric covering, much like a hat, that slips over a teapot. The modern tea cozy has come back into fashion with the growing popularity of loose-leaf teas.