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Tai Ping Hou Kui

The Cultured Cup Green

$ 12.75

Meaning Peaceful Monkey King, this tea is considered one of the ten most famous Chinese teas. The enormous leaves come from a tea cultivar named Shi Da Cha and they yield a fresh greens flavor. 

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Green | watercress, snow pea pods

Tea Tips: When steeping this tea, we recommend using a tall glass. This allows the large leaves to have the vertical room they need to release their flavors. After finishing the first steeping, continue adding more hot water until the flavor fades. 

Ingredients: China, Anhui Province, Taiping County green tea

How to Steep:  2-2.5 gm of tea, 8 oz water, 175°F, 3-4 min

Fun Fact:  Taiping is the name of the county in Anhui Province, Hou means monkey, and kui means king.  Chinese legend suggests a Peaceful Monkey King was killed by a group of warring monkeys. In honor of the Monkey King, a sympathetic farmer buried the king near his tea garden.  In spring, and as Chinese tea mythology suggests, tea plants with enormous leaves grew where the Monkey King was buried.

Similar Teas: Spring Buds, Green Needles Organic, Kukicha 

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