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Scarlet Robe

The Cultured Cup Artisan Oolong

$ 24.40

An artisan Da Hong Pao from oolong's birthplace—China's Wuyi Mountains. Upfront notes of molasses and grilled apricot with a juicy and lingering finish.

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Oolongdark molasses, orchid, lingering dark caramel aftertaste

Tea Tips: A sublime tea. Sniff, sip, savor, and share with family and friends who appreciate extraordinary flavor adventures

Ingredients: 100% Chinese oolong, Fujian Province's Wuyi Mountains

How to Steep: Western-style: 2.5 gm or 3 heaping tsp, 6 oz water, 200°F, 2–3 min. Eastern-style: 5 gm or 6 heaping tsp, 6 oz water, 200°F, 20 sec; add 10 sec for each additional steep

Fun Fact: Da Hong Pao (also known as Big Red Robe tea) comes from the legend of a Buddhist monk who became exhausted while traveling to take a life-changing exam. Stopping on a mountain path, he prepared tea from the bushes growing out of the rocks. Refreshed, he completed the journey and received the top test score as well as a red silk robe. While returning home, he honored the tea plants by covering them with the red robe. 

Similar Teas: Dan Cong Stone Fruit, Golden Needles Imperial

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