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Our Origins Collection provides you with a flavor adventure of coffees from the world's three primary coffee growing regions:   Colombian Jardin from The Americas, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Africa and New Guinea from Asia (Indonesia). Your Adventure?  Taste the place of each coffee with your included Flavor Guide.

Choose either 4 or 8 oz - your choice - of all three coffees.  The Collection is boxed, labeled and tied with a ribbon. 
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    • Colombian Jardin: Colombian Jardin is grown and processed near the small city of Jardin, one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. This coffee has balance, body and subtle notes of caramel and chocolate
    • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has an intriguing combination of flavor notes: citrus peel and orange blossom. Unlike any other coffee in the world
    • New Guinea: The volcanic enriched coffee estates in the central highlands of New Guinea produce a coffee with full body and a distinctive blackberry note. As with all Indonesian coffees, New Guinea is low in acidity, so it's gentle on your stomach
    • The word "origin" refers to the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.
  • Colombian JardinColombian Arabica coffee beans: 100%

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans: 100%

    New Guinea: Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans: 100%

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