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Tea Road Trek
Tea Road Trek
Tea Road Trek
Tea Road Trek

Tea Road Trek

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The Tea Horse Road was a trade route between China and Tibet. The Chinese traded tea for Tibetan horses. Smooth and full-bodied, this probiotic tea is a great coffee substitute.

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Dark (pu'er) | full-body but very smooth, sweet tobacco

Tea Tips: The Chinese believe this tea lowers blood pressure.

Ingredients: China, Yunnan pu'er tea

How to Steep: 2 tsp, 8 oz water, 212°F, 5–6 min (for more body, steep longer)

Fun Fact: Why did the Chinese need Tibetan Horses? The horses were large, raised at high altitudes, and able to withstand cold temperatures—all positive qualities to help the Chinese wage war on other countries!

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