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Noël Tea in Tin (Flacon)
Noël Tea in Tin (Flacon)
Noël Tea in Tin (Flacon)
Noël Tea in Tin (Flacon)

Noël Tea in Tin (Flacon)

Mariage Frères Black+ Organic
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Noël variation, this black tea is sprinkled with silver needles and gold sugar stars and flavored with citrus, spices, vanilla, and almond pieces. This tea is even dressed for the holidays.

The keepsake sealed tin contains 2.85 oz (80 gm) of this organic black tea.  

Tea Type, Flavors: Black+ | spicy, citrus, creamy, toasty, sweet

Tea Tips: With the gold sugar stars, this tea is one of the most beautiful teas to receive as a gift. 

Ingredients: India organic black tea, Organic: spices, sugar stars, flavoring Contains: organic almond pieces

How to Steep: 1 tsp, 8 oz water, 212°F, 4–5 min

Fun Fact: The French Christmas markets, Marchés de Noël, are an important part of a French Christmas. The very first French Christmas market is thought to have started in Alsace in 1570. 

Similar Teas: Esprit de Noël by Mariage, Connoisseur Noël Gift Box by Mariage, Christmas Earl Grey by Mariage, Christmas Pudding by Mariage, Calendrier de Noël (Advent Calendar 2021) by Mariage 

The label Jardin Premier+ is reserved for organic teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulations (ED) No. 834/2007 and (EC) No. 396/2005.

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