Métis Organic Rooibos by Mariage Frères

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  • Métis Organic Rooibos by Mariage Frères
  • Métis Organic Rooibos by Mariage Frères
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This organic rooibos infusion is fragrant, sweet, and caffeine-free. The mixture of black currants, lavender buds, and Madagascar vanilla will delight and soothe your senses.  Métis comes from a Jardin Premier+ garden, which ensures quality and purity.

Jardin Premier+ means this tea is rigorously analyzed and checked to ensure compliance with European regulation (EC) No. 396/2005.  The label Jardin Premier is reserved for teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulation (ED) No. 834/2007. 
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  • 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of water, 212°F, 5-8 min

    • An exotic blend of caffeine-free and organic rooibos with dried black currants, lavender buds, rose-hips, and hibiscus petals
    • High in Vitamin C and mineral salts, Métis produces a fragrant and sweet infusion that is very effective at settling the stomach because of its low tannin content
    • Many of our customers comment this is their favorite “sleepy-time” beverage!
  • Métis translates to 'hybrid'

    • Greek yogurt
    • Granola with dried fruit
    • Any chocolate or fruit breakfast pastry
    • Oatmeal with dried raisins or black currants
    • Green salad with raisins or black currants
    • Chicken or pork with dried fruits
    • Bread pudding
    • Any chocolate or vanilla-based dessert
  • South African organic rooibos, dried black currants, lavender buds, rose hips, Natural vanilla and fruit flavorings.

  • Provence Vert by Mariage Frères, Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos by Mariage Frères, Sunset Orange Rooibos

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