Make-Your-Own Teabags w. drawstrings

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These DIY teabags with convenient drawstrings make it easy to take your favorite loose-leaf teas to work or whenever you travel.

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  • Fun Facts
    • We’ve looked for the best make-your-own teabags and finally found these in Germany
    • Now you can enjoy your favorite loose tea anywhere
    • After filling several of these teabags with your favorite loose-leaf teas, tuck them into your suitcase
    • Each bag uses very fine, compostable filter paper. Chlorine-free
    • Box contains 50 make-your-own teabags with drawstrings
    • The first teabags were made of silk, but because of the expense, gauze was substituted as a less expensive alternative
    • Often, the only difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags is the quality of the tea in question. Now, with tea bags that you can fill up yourself, you can bridge that quality gap!

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