Kirishima Cha Organic Tea -New!

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  • Kirishima Cha Organic Tea -New!
  • Kirishima Cha Organic Tea -New!
  • Kirishima Cha Organic Tea -New!
  • Kirishima Cha Organic Tea -New!
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Harvested from a small organic garden located on the slopes of Mount Kirishima in Japan's southernmost prefecture Kagoshima.  This highly-prized green tea is carefully twisted lengthwise and when brewed has notes of ripe kiwi, violet, and a hint of honey.

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  • 1.5-2.0 / 2.5g heaping tsp per 8 oz of water, 160°F, 1.5-2.0- min. (can steep multiple times)

    • Grown on the southwestern Japanese island of Kagoshima near the city of Kirishima. 
    • The small, organic tea garden is situated at an elevation of 5,100 ft and produces some of the best quality teas in all of Japan.
    • This Kukicha is comprised equally of tea leaves and white tea stems, and those stems do not contain caffeine
    • As a result, this tea has about half the caffeine of a tea containing 100% green tea leaves
    • Sushi
    • Sashimi
    • Fresh fish
    • Steamed green beans, fresh peas, artichokes or edamame
    • Parmesan or Romano cheese
    • Dark chocolate truffles or any chocolate dessert
  • Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture green tea leaves: 100%

  • Sencha Asanoka, Toasted Hojicha Genmai, Sencha Goji-Berry, Green Needle

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