Jasmine Pearls

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A superb tea made without flavoring extracts. Skilled artisans scent the tender green tea leaves with jasmine blossoms and carefully hand roll each pearl — miniature works of tea art.

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  • 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of water, 175°F, drink after pearls open fully (about 3 min)

    No need to remove pearls from the steeping vessel, as you can re-steep them multiple times until the flavor disappears.

    • Watching these pearls slowly unfurl is a vacation for the mind. As the tea brews, let yourself relax and be in the moment.
    • There are two different methods of scenting jasmine tea. In one, the tea is blended with the flowers and stored overnight. In the other, tea and jasmine flowers are placed in alternating layers. It takes only a few hours for the fresh green tea leaves to absorb the flavor and fragrance of jasmine.
    • With high grades of jasmine tea, such as Yin Hao, the scenting process is repeated seven times in order to completely but delicately integrate the flavor.
    • Jasmine green tea is one that reminds us that tea isn't just about the beverage, it's also about experiencing the ritual.
    • Fresh green salad with edible flowers or fresh mint
    • Any simply prepared scallop, shrimp, lobster or fish appetizer or main course
    • Sushi or sashimi
    • Scottish shortbread cookies or any other buttery cookie
    • Any cream or milk-chocolate based desserts
    • Indian rice pudding
  • China, Fujian Province green tea, scented with night-blooming jasmine blossoms

  • Jasmine Yin Hao, Chur She Jasmine, Lotus Allure

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