Hand-plucked Sencha

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Our Hand-plucked Sencha is a rare example of fine Japanese green tea. Expect this high-grade Tenryu Sencha to offer delicate sweetness, mild astringency, and flowery-green aromas, all buoyed by an intense umami flavor. Try this hand-plucked sencha and taste what we mean!

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    • 1.5-2 tsp per 8 oz of water, 160°F, 1 min
    • This tea epitomizes the "umami" flavor found in Japanese green tea.
    • This tea can be steeped multiple times, especially if you use more tea (up to 6 grams or 3 tsp per cup).
    • One of the most elegant teas in the entire Cultured Cup catalog, this tea's hallmark complexity comes through on the flavor and finish. The Cultured Cup Tasting Panel found it to be medium bodied and creamy, but also floral, nutty (like lightly toasted almonds), with a hint of peach — all in addition to its buttered vegetable, umami deliciousness.
    • The Tasting Panel also concludes that while this tea will be fascinating for connoisseurs, its forgivingly light astringency will also make it inviting for beginners. Have friends that don't like "grassy" green teas? Have them start here!
    • Sencha originally meant simply "steeped tea" in Japanese, to distinguish it from the powdered tea suspension of matcha, which is used in the famous Japanese tea ceremony.
    • Tenryu is a river in central Honshu, Shizuoka prefecture.
    • The most consumed tea in Japan is sencha. Variations in sencha's production method can also create other well-known Japanese teas, such as hojicha, kukicha, bancha, and genmaicha.
    • A sencha's quality is determined by its amount of rich, savory umami flavor. To achieve this, the Japanese blend teas from different plantations and use many different sized pieces of sencha tea leaves.
    • Parmesan or Romano cheese
    • Sushi or sashimi
    • Scallops, shrimp, lobster and any fresh fish
    • Wild mushrooms
    • edamame, asparagus, green beans
    • Any dark or milk chocolate dessert
    • Dark chocolate truffles or mousse
  • Japan, Shizuoka green tea: 100%

  • Sencha Select, Gyokuro, Kukicha

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