Matcha Culinary-Grade Kyoto, 30 gram tin

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Introducing Matcha Kyoto, our less expensive culinary matcha for food & drink recipes. This  Available in a 30-g (1.1 oz) tin.

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  • Instructions for preparing Kyoto (Culinary) Matcha Culinary Kyoto: a more assertive astringency in this matcha comes from using larger and less sweet tea leaves. This culinary matcha works best for food recipes such as in a salad dressing, morning smoothie, ice cream, or as an ingredient in a food recipe.
    • Several weeks before the tea leaf Spring harvest, place support poles workers begin covering the support poles placed throughout the tea garden with a fabric that blocks about 90% of the sunlight from reaching the tea plants
    • The shaded plants respond by producing more chlorophyll and amino acids, which intensifies the umami & savory flavor of the tea
    • After workers de-stem the tea leaves and store them for several months, they slowly grind the tea leaves into a powder
    • Matcha is unlike any other tea in that you consume the leaves, rather than steeping and discarding them
    • Our staff tasting panel loves this unique tea. The intense umami flavor of matcha is enhanced by its incredible brothiness, and as delicious as it is, its primary appeal might be its texture
    • The original method of shading the matcha tea plants was covering the plants with straw matting approximately 20 days before the harvesting of the leaves. This shading prevents approximately 90% of the sun from reaching the tea plants.
    • Each day, the plantation manager looks at the tea leaf color and adjusts the straw matting above the plants to increase or reduce the sunlight reaching them
    • Matcha manufacture in Japan is an art, and extremely labor-intensive
    • Candied fruits
    • Parmesan cheese
    • Any creamy, soft and sweet cheese
    • Sushi or sashimi
    • Fresh fish
    • Any dark chocolate, pastry, truffle or dessert
    • New York-style chocolate cheesecake
  • Japan, Uji green tea: 100%. 

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