Coffee Pour-Over Stainless Maker

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  • Coffee Pour-Over Stainless Maker
  • Coffee Pour-Over Stainless Maker
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Sturdy and adjustable, this pour-over allows each family member to use a different-size cup, mug, or thermos. A micro-filter brings out coffee's full flavor!

Comes with a sample of Dallas Bold Coffee.

Product Details: Unit dimensions: H: 10.25" x W (at the base): 5.25"/Adjustable magnetic holder holds and adjusts the micro-filter to a height of 7.0". The unit's black, textured, silicone coaster securely holds your cup or mug to the unit's base.

Fun Facts: The Italian word espresso means "expressed or forced out." The drink is made by forcing hot water under high pressure through finely ground, compacted coffee.

Sample Ingredients: Costa Rica Arabica Coffee

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