Basil Lemon Oolong

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Bits of candied lemon peel and dried basil make this full-bodied, dark Taiwanese oolong both smooth and slightly sweet. Also delicious iced, it's a great complement to creamy desserts or dried fruit.

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    • 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz of water, 195°F, 4–5 min
    • One of our most popular flavored teas — delicious hot or cold!
    • Serve over ice with a leaf of fresh basil and a lemon slice.
    • The quality of the oolong tea used allows this tea to achieve a complexity beyond that of most flavored blends.
    • This Taiwanese oolong's large leaves may look black, but are only oxidized 80 or 90% (whereas black teas are fully oxidized). As a result, this blend finds a nice, delicate balance between the lively flavors of basil and lemon, and the medium-bodied structure of the base tea.
    • China and Taiwan are currently the world's two major producers of oolong tea. In Taiwan, oolong tea is more common than any other tea type.
    • Green salad with a fruit vinaigrette
    • Pasta with pesto
    • Lemon chicken
    • Fresh sliced tomatoes
    • Scallops, shrimp, lobster or fresh fish
    • Lemon tart or pie
  • Taiwan Oolong tea (86%), basil, lemon granules (fruit, lemon juice, malt dextrin, natural lemon oil, gelling agent: sodium alginate), flavoring, marigold blossoms

  • Lemon Basil Ice

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