Amber Goddess - The Cultured Cup Oolong

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  • Amber Goddess - The Cultured Cup Oolong
  • Amber Goddess - The Cultured Cup Oolong
  • Amber Goddess - The Cultured Cup Oolong
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A traditional Iron Goddess, this tea has upfront notes of toasted rice and dark honey, and a silky smooth finish.   

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Oolong | toasted rice, dark honey, velvety mouthfeel

Tea Tips: Serve to family and friends who appreciate new flavor adventures

Ingredients: 100% China, Fujian Oolong  

How to Steep: Western Style: 1.5–2.0 tsp, 8 oz water, 195°F, 2–3 min. Eastern Style: Use  2-3 times more tea: Steep #1=20 sec, #2=30 sec, #3=40 sec, #4=50 sec. Continue steeping leaves until flavor fades

Fun Fact: The tea's flavor comes from the interaction between the plant & a bug. When this bug bites a leaf, the plant defends itself by sending deterring compounds to the leaves. Lucky for us, the compounds are delicious! 

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