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Apple Almond (formerly Almond Amen)

The Cultured Cup Black+

A black tea with toasted almonds, cinnamon, and bits of baked apple. Smells heavenly and tastes even better!

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Black+ | baked apple, toasty, spicy, sweet

Tea Tips: A delicious dessert tea.

Ingredients: China black tea; almonds; apple, cinnamon and beetroot pieces; flavorings Contains: tree nuts

How to Steep: 1.5 tsp, 8 oz water, 212°F, 5–7 min

Fun Fact: Tea only comes from Camellia sinensis. Tisane refers to any beverage produced from plants other than C. sinensis.  

Similar Teas: Baked Apple AlmondMaple ToddyNoël, Esprit de by Mariage