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Hand-Hug Mug, LH, Aqua/Blue

14 oz, Made in USA

This made-in-America mug hugs your hands as you drink your tea, coffee, or drinking chocolate. 

Although the size and shape of each mug are similar, the colors and designs will vary slightly from mug to mug. Each mug is one of a kind—just like each of us!

Product Details: Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, the mug holds 14 oz of your favorite beverage. Height = 5" Width = 3.5"

Fun Fact: The word "mug" has several different meanings. As a noun, "mug" can be defined as a funny face one makes in a photograph, or in our case, an informal vessel for drinking coffee or tea. As a verb, the word "mug" has a very different meaning!