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Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Matcha Bamboo Whisk - The Cultured Cup®

Skillfully handmade from one piece of natural bamboo, the matcha whisk (chasen) is used to whisk matcha into a frothy foam.

Product Details: One piece of bamboo is cut into dozens of thin tines. The soft, flexible tines prevent scratches in your tea bowl. Height: 4.25" 

Matcha-Making Tips: Before whisking the matcha, which is considered an art form, soak the tines in hot water to soften them (this prevents breakage of the tines). Pour a small amount of hot water into the bowl, and use the bamboo scoop to blend the water and matcha into a thick paste. Add the rest of the hot water and whisk the mixture briskly until a consistent bubbly foam covers the surface of the vessel.

Matcha Bamboo Whisk - The Cultured Cup®