Italian Roast

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Unlike many espresso coffees that use low quality coffee, our Italian Roast is made with 100% high elevation Costa Rican coffee beans. Expect a rich espresso with thick, lavish cream.

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    • This high elevation Costa Rican hard bean coffee is midnight black, with a smoky flavor
    • Our boldest and darkest roast coffee
    • A versatile coffee, it works equally well for drip, French press, Chemex, espresso, or as Turkish coffee
    • Dark roasting coffee removes most of its acidity
    • In Rome, it is common to serve this type of espresso with a twist of lemon peel
    • In 1933, Dr. Ernest Illy invented the first automatic espresso machine
    • If you ask for a latte in Italy, what will you receive?
    • Answer: only milk
    • In Italy, coffee and espresso mean the same thing
    • In Greece and Turkey, the oldest person is served coffee first
    • Sticky pecan buns hot from the oven
    • Chocolate croissant
    • Pancakes or waffles with dark chocolate chips and maple syrup
    • Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and maple syrup
    • Hamburgers or sliders
    • Charcuterie
    • Sausage, ham or pepperoni pizzas or calzones
    • Any vanilla or chocolate-cream dessert
    • Vanilla bean ice cream
    • Add a splash of your favorite liqueur and heavy whipping cream for a hot coffee toddy
  • Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans: 100%

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