Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos Teabags by Mariage Frères

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A delicate, toasty aroma coupled with the taste of creamy Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla. A caffeine-free delight! Now available in elegant & convenient teabags.

The gold-foil lined signature black Mariage box holds 30 hand-tied cheese-cloth teabags
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  • 1 teabag per 8 oz of water, 212°F, 5-8 min. Rooibos contains very low tannins, so it is almost impossible to over-steep this herbal infusion.

    • Flavored with Bourbon vanilla, this South African rooibos has just the right amount of flavor
    • Wind down your day with a soothing and delicious cup of this caffeine-free herbal infusion
    • Rooibos is renowned for its stomach soothing properties
    • Many people think this herbal infusion contains the liquor bourbon, but in French, "Bourbon" refers to a particular source of vanilla from the island of Madagascar
    • Breakfast pastries
    • Oatmeal, French toast, pancakes or waffles
    • Green salad with a creamy dressing
    • Any vanilla, cream or chocolate-based dessert
    • Vanilla bean ice cream
    • Indian rice pudding
    • Mexican flan
  • South Africa rooibos, Madagascar vanilla

  • Kir Royale Rooibos, Marco Polo Rouge by Mariage Frères, Madagascar Vanilla

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