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Raj Masala Chai - The Cultured Cup®
Raj Masala Chai - The Cultured Cup®

Indian Masala Coffee

The Cultured Cup Dark Roast - Black+
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Can you combine a coffee with a tea? Yes, when you add a tea as full-bodied as coffee. Introducing Indian Masala Coffee!

Comes in 8 or 16 oz. Brewing directions are on each bag. Available only in French Press grind.

Roast | Body | Flavors: dark roast coffee and Black+ tea | full-body spicy, dark caramel, peppery

Coffee Tips: Add sweetened condensed milk for an incredible dessert. Pair with spicy food and even barbeque. 

Fun Fact: Masala means spices.

Ingredients: Costa Rica coffee, India Assam black tea, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, black pepper, licorice root

Similar Coffees: Dallas Bold, Plaza Blend, Ayurvedic Calm, Texas Chile Chai