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Jam Penny & Marmalade Sandwiches

Jam Penny & Marmalade Sandwiches

photo credit: Rebecca Haynie

Nothing is more quintessential than marmalade or jam sandwiches for afternoon tea! Jam Penny sandwiches were a particular favorite of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. They get their name because originally they were cut in small circles the size of an old English penny (about 1.2 in in diameter ). They are traditionally filled with raspberry or strawberry jam. The Queen especially loved the fresh strawberry jam made on-site at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland when in season! But these sandwiches can be modified with any fruit marmalade or preserves that suit your liking! These treats are fun to make and eat for the whole family for a tea or lunch.

  • softened, unsalted butter
  • sliced fluffy white bread
  • jam or marmalade
  1. Cut the crusts off of your bread.
  2. Prepare two slices of bread: Butter one side of one of your bread slices and jam or marmalade on one side of the other bread slice. 
  3. Stamp out circles* of your bread slices with a cookie or pastry cutter. For traditional jam pennies smaller is better (see intro.) 
  4. Grab a circle of a buttered and jammed bread and sandwich together! 
  5. Arrange on a plate or tray and serve with tea!

Can be made in advance, wrap in plastic wrap for freshness.

* Note: Feel free to use other fun shaped cutters for your sandwiches. We loved customer, Rebecca Haynies' teapot sandwich!


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Teresa Berg


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