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Homage to Queen Elizabeth II

Homage to Queen Elizabeth II

Photo and Poem created and provided by Rebecca Haynie


Queen Elizabeth never missed an afternoon tea! And her reign was exceptional. One of our regular customers, Rebecca Haynie, was inspired to commemorate the late Queen with a poem as she hosts her own lavish tea lunches. 


The Uncommon Woman of the Commonwealth

The light today is dimmer now, 
The brightness dulled a bit, somehow
Her life of faith and obligation,
Proved strength and grade and dedication.
She vowed to deserve her people's trust.
Her deeds thrilled some, left others nonplussed.
But with her handling of a fractious horse, 
She always delivered her best, of course. 
She stood alone throughout her reign.
We will not see her like again.
She would say she returns to God. 
She would not care whether we applaud. 


- Rebecca Matthews Hayne
14 September 2022


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