Water Kettle, Variable Temp, White

$ 149.00 

  • Water Kettle, Variable Temp, White
  • Water Kettle, Variable Temp, White
  • Water Kettle, Variable Temp, White
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Ergonomic and full-featured, this kettle makes tea & coffee prep easy with a wide temp range and built-in timer. The water kettle perfected!

Comes with samples of Kukicha green tea, Mountain Stream Oolong, and La Minita-Viennese coffee.

Product Details: Capacity- 30.5 oz / 0.9 liter, Features: Precision-Pour Spout, LCD Screen indicates desired set Temperature and real-time temperature with illuminated letters, Hold Option maintains desired temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius for 60 min. Dimensions: 11.81" Width: 7.28" Height: 9.25" 

Fun Facts: The British turn to tea during crises, and frequently, there are electricity brownouts due to the simultaneous use of their electric water kettles to prepare tea.

Sample Ingredients: Kukicha - 100% Japanese green tea, Mountain Stream Oolong - Taiwanese oolong tea, La Minita-Viennese - Costa Rican Arabica coffee beans.

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