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Wake-Up Blend

The Cultured Cup Medium-Dark+ Roast
Wake Up Blend - The Cultured Cup®

A customer favorite for three decades, this light and dark roasted coffee blend has a whisper of vanilla. This coffee will make you want to wake up!

Comes in 8 or 16 oz. Please specify whole bean or preferred grind. Brewing directions are on each bag. 

Roast | Body | Flavors: dark roast+ | full-body | dark cocoa, creamy, light vanilla, lingering flavor

Coffee Tips: Delicious with or without milk and sugar. Also a coffee for a midday boost.

Ingredients: Costa Rica arabica dark roast coffee beans, flavoring

Fun Fact: The word "coffee" became part of the English language in 1582. The word was borrowed from the Dutch word koffie, which was borrowed from the Turkish word kahve, which was borrowed from the Yemini word qahwah.

Wake Up Blend - The Cultured Cup®