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Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose)
Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose)

Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose)

The Cultured Cup Artisan Oolong, 8 g packet
$ 7.00

Huang Mei Gui (Yellow Rose) is a sweet and fragrant varietal, combining notes of ripe peach and gardenia for a creamy and delightful finish. A relatively new cultivar that is a cross of anAnxi Huang Jin Gui and a Guandong Huang Dan. Enjoy the unique flavor profile of this delightful tea.

Tea Type |  Oolong (Cultivar: Huang Mei Gui) | Flavors: Fruity, floral, velvety

Tea Tips: A dark but velvety-smooth oolong. Drink without milk or sugar. To fully enjoy the flavors of this tea, use the "Gong Fu Cha" steeping instructions below.  

Ingredients: 70% oxidized China oolong tea, Fujian Province's Wuyi Mountains 

How to Steep: To experience the extraordinary flavors of this artisan tea, use the following steps. Steep #1: Empty 8 g packet of tea into a small teapot. Pour 6–8 oz of boiling water over tea leaves and decant immediately. Do not remove the tea leaves from the teapot. Steep #2 and #3:  Pour 6–8 oz of boiling water over tea leaves and immediately decant. After Steep #3: Add 10 seconds to each additional steeping until the flavor fades. NOTE: Expect to infuse the same tea leaves 7-8 times, a result of a high-quality Wuyi oolong.

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