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Golden Sumatra

The Cultured Cup Light Roast
Golden Sumatra - The Cultured Cup®

Sumatra's volcanic soil creates a rich, full-bodied coffee with very low acidity!

Comes in 8 or 16 oz. Please specify whole bean or preferred grind. Brewing directions are on each bag.

Roast | Body | Flavors: light roast | full-body | butterscotch, cocoa

Coffee Tips: Indonesian coffees are renowned for their low acidity. To further reduce the acidity, cold-brew your coffee!

Fun Fact: Indonesia is one of the world's largest coffee producers, ranking 4th behind Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia.

Ingredients: Sumatra (Indonesia) Arabica coffee beans

Similar Coffees: Dallas Bold, La Minita Viennese

Golden Sumatra - The Cultured Cup®