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The Amazing Health Benefits of Pu'er Tea

The Amazing Health Benefits of Pu'er Tea

Besides good flavor, many people include tea in their diets for its many health properties. Pu'er teas are uniquely beneficial, as they not only boast many of the health benefits of your other tea types, but they are also the only teas that undergo a fermentation process, which provides added probiotic benefits.

We have looked into studies that highlight the potential of this healthy drink and why you may want to start including it in your diet. Possible benefits of pu'er include:

1. Aids in Weight Loss 

Studies theorize that bioactive components in pu'er—specifically theabrownin, theaflavins, and polysaccharides—help regulate enzymes that regulate fat storage and reduction. (1, 2)

One study found a reduction in BMI with an overall 3% weight loss over 20 weeks in comparison to a placebo group. (3)

2. Controls Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

There are many promising animal studies showing that the active ingredient in pu'er lowers cholesterol levels by improving lipid profiles and lowering triglycerides. (4, 5) These are key factors in providing healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, which can lower the risk of stroke and heart attack.

This study found that pu'er specifically had better fat-regulating and hypolipidemic, anti-atherosclerotic, and even anti-inflammatory effects than green tea. (6, 9)

Another important compound found in pu'er that helps regulate cholesterol is lovastatin. Interestingly, it was always detected in all ripe pu'er of any age, but not young, raw pu’er. But with proper storage of five years or more, the compound increased significantly in raw and ripe pu'er. (7)

3. Aids with Treating Type II Diabetes

A review of various studies showed that pu'er polysaccharides may lower blood sugar and decrease resistance to insulin. (8)

4. Sustains Good Gut Health

Because pu'er is fermented, it is a probiotic. Probiotics can be very helpful in inhibiting the growth of harmful gut bacteria and can aid in boosting your immune system. 

The rebalancing gut microbiota that have been seen in some studies could protect against metabolic syndrome and obesity. (10, 11)

5. Helps Prevent Illness

Pu'er has been found to have good antibacterial and antioxidant activities. In combination with its vitamin content, regular consumption could help fortify your immune system. (12)

6. Fortifies Brain Health

An interesting area of study was its neuroprotective potential. Biological compounds and binding proteins like GABA and Homer1 can aid in some neurological ailments like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and seizures. ( 13, 14)

7. Inhibits Cancer Growth

Some test-tube studies have shown that high concentrations of pu'er’s active ingredients have targeted and prevented tumor growth. Specifically, it has killed breast, tongue, and colon cancer cells. (15, 16,17, 18)

This may be due to the oxidized polyphenols in pu'er that work to eliminate irregular cell growth. It is important to note that these studies were conducted with high concentrations of pu'er extract in lab conditions. More research is needed to study the effects of daily consumption.

8. Promotes Bone Health

In this study, the polyphenols in pu'er aided in ameliorating the effects of osteoporosis caused by lack of estrogen. (19)


While this research is promising, many areas need further study. It is important to consult a medical professional whenever considering supplemental treatment for a medical condition.



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