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Strawberry Season (formerly Wild Strawberry)

The Cultured Cup Green+

A delicious green tea bursting with orange and strawberries. A medley of exotic and delicious flavors to enjoy hot or cold.

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Green+ | ripe berries, floral, sweet

Tea Tips: Summer berries in a cup. Delicious hot, iced, or cold-brewed.

Ingredients: China green tea (93%), flavoring, orange peel, mountain everlasting (cat's foot), freeze-dried strawberry pieces

How to Steep: Wild strawberries are the "runts" of strawberry varietals. Though small in stature, these wild cousins of the domestic strawberry are big in flavor.

Fun Fact: Tea leaves are pan-fired, shaped around the flowers, tied with string, and dried.

Similar Teas: Prince Igor by Mariage, Thé à l'Opéra by Mariage, Forty-Third Blend