Viennese Cinnamon DECAF

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If you want a flavorful decaffeinated coffee, start with quality coffee beans. For Decaf Viennese Cinnamon, we begin with a darkly roasted Costa Rican coffee and add Saigon cinnamon powder and pieces. The result is a Decaf coffee that begs to be paired with any European pastry.

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    • This decaffeinated Costa Rican coffee is viennese roasted, a darker roast that caramelizes the coffee beans and creates more depth of body and flavor in the cup
    • Decaffeinated by the world's leading German decaffeination company and you'll taste the difference
    • Cinnamon powder and cinnamon stick pieces are added to enhance and balance the dark and full bodied coffee roast
    • What do coffee companies do with the caffeine that they remove from the coffee beans?
    • Answer: They sell it to pharmaceutical companies
    • Cinnamon rolls
    • Oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins
    • Any cream or chocolate based dessert
    • Mexican flan
  • Decaffeinated Costa Rica Arabica coffee, cinnamon powder and pieces, natural flavorings

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