Tea Tray, Wave Design

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The contrasting geometric patterns give this Yixing grey tea draining tray a modern look.  This rectangular and compact tray is functional as a platform for preparing and serving Gong Fu Cha-style tea.  A conversation piece that will make any guest feel special.  

Included with your draining tea is a sample of Jade Goddess oolong tea from China.

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  • Fun Facts
    • The unglazed ceramic draining tray is a 14.00" length  5.00" width and is 0.5" tall.  
    • The indentation along the inside edge of the tray catches tea spills.
    • Gong Fu Cha is another name for the Chinese Tea Ceremony.  The English translation of Gong Fu Cha is "making tea with skill."  Tea made in this style is very different from the traditional western method of preparing tea and is prepared in very small teapots, which are 1/3 filled with semi-balled tea.  Because of the amount of tea used, the steeping time is brief and the same tea leaves are steeped multiple times.  Gong Fu Cha tea preparation brings out more of the flavor from the tea leaves and as the multiple steepings continue, the tea increases in strength and then gradually weakens.  This type of tea preparation is the "Espresso of Tea." 

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