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Spring Buds

The Cultured Cup Artisan Green Organic

This fresh green tea reminds us of the early-spring-plucked green teas we tasted when visiting China in April 2019. Don't miss an opportunity to taste what we experienced!

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: Artisan Green | fresh greens, savory, light body

Tea Tips: A tea to sniff, sip, savor, and share! Drink without milk.

Ingredients: China, Zhejiang Province green tea

How to Steep: Western Style: 1 heaping tsp, 175°F, 3–3.5 minutes. Eastern Style: 2 heaping tsp or 4 gm, 6 oz water, 175°F, 25 sec, steep multiple times, add 5 sec to each steeping 

Fun Fact: The local village named the tea “Eagle’s Claw” after the shape of the leaf.

Similar Teas: Orchid Dew, Golden Mountain Green, Curled Silver Dragon