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Andresy gourmet jam wild strawberry flavored
Andresy gourmet jam wild strawberry flavored

Old Fashioned Wild Strawberry Jam

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The jar overflows with wild strawberries and cane sugar. Heating slowly and steadily in a copper cauldron maximizes the strawberry flavor. Enjoy with thumbprint cookies, toast, or pastries.

Product Information: 9.5 oz. Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: Fruits (strawberries, wild strawberries), cane sugar, fruit pectin, concentrated lemon juice May contain traces of nuts and milk.

Fun Fact: From Francis Miot jam maker, three-time World Jam Champions and the Best Jam Maker in France. Their process involves small batches in copper cauldrons to fully preserve the flavor of the expertly-selected ripe fruits. This reduces the need for added sugars and therefore should technically be referred to as fruit preserves, not jam.