Nepal Silver Tips

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  • Nepal Silver Tips
  • Nepal Silver Tips
  • Nepal Silver Tips
  • Nepal Silver Tips
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From Nepal, this hand-picked white tea only contains silver tips. High elevation & careful processing produce a complex tea to sip & savor like a fine wine. 

Tea Type or Tisane | Flavors: White | subtle floral, sweet, chestnut, refreshing & lingering mouth-feel 

Tea Tips: to fully appreciate the tea's complexity, drink without milk or sugar

Ingredients: Nepal, Ilam region white tea: 100%

How to Steep: Western Style: 3 tsp, 8 oz water, 185°F, 3-5 min; Eastern Style: 6 tsp or 5 gm, 6 oz water, 200°F, 15 seconds; steep multiple times, adding 10 seconds to each steeping.

Fun Fact: The high elevation slows the growth of tea leaves but increases the flavor complexity in the cup

Similar Teas: White Peony Special Grade, Silver Needles 

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