Capresso Infinity Burr Coffee Grinder

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Jet speed precise grinding without the jet-engine noise.

Comes with a sample of Plaza Blend, our most popular dark roast coffee.
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    • Burr grinders ensure your coffee is ground precisely every time
    • This flexible grinder has the ability to perform the coarse grind needed for French Press, the fine powdering of Turkish coffee, and all sizes in between
    • Uses commercial grade conical steel burrs (the same burrs as found in automatic commercial machines)
    • Advanced conical burr design and gear reduction motor reduce noise, friction, and heat, preserving maximum flavor and aroma
    • Slow grinding minimizes static build-up
    • 16 grinder settings are grouped into four convenient categories: extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse
    • Bean container holds 8.8 oz of coffee
    • Removable ground coffee container holds 4 oz of ground coffee
    • The easily removable burr makes cleanup of the grinding chamber a snap, preventing cross-contamination of different coffees (brush included)
    • Coffee tastes best when it is brewed very shortly after it is has been ground, and similarly, ground relatively soon after it's been roasted
    • Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) and the first coffee grinder consisted of two millstones that crushed the roasted coffee beans
    • The first patent for a U.S. coffee grinder was issued in 1798 to Thomas Bruff of Maryland, who was Thomas Jefferson's dentist
    • His wall-mounted grinder ground beans between various sizes of metal teeth
    • The Hobart Company of Troy, Ohio, introduced the first electric belt-driven coffee grinder in 1898
  • Plaza Blend Coffee: Costa Rica Arabica Coffee Beans, 100%

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