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Tea Maker Cleaner
Tea Maker Cleaner

Tea Maker Cleaner

By Breville
$ 17.99
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The cleaner is formulated to remove tea stains and will keep your Breville Tea Maker, tea infuser, or favorite teapot looking new! Each of the four packets has easy-to-follow instructions. 

Product Details: This product easily removes tea stains from all your tea makers, teapots, teacups, and tea infusers.

Fun Fact: Before detergent, households used a combination of baking soda and clean "sugar sand" (finely powdered sand) to clean their dishes, pots, and pans. 

Cleaner Ingredients: Potassium carbonate 30%-60%; sodium percarbonate 10%-25%, sodium carbonate 10%-30%; anionic surfactants: less than 5%; nonionic surfactants: less than 5%  

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