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Bamboo Pu'er Tray
Bamboo Pu'er Tray

Bamboo Pu'er Tray

$ 12.95
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A tray to work with or to display a pu'er cake. The spout at the bottom helps to transfer to your brewing vessel.

Product Details: L: 9.25"/W: 9.25"/H:1.25"

How to Use: Use to catch leaves when breaking apart a pu'er cake. Use the cutout spout to pour leaves into a teapot or gaiwan.

Fun Facts: Tea was compressed into a disc or brick to better preserve and protect the highly-absorbent tea from moisture. Trips from China to distant lands along the Silk Road could take one to two years over mountain ranges, where tea would be exposed to various elevations, humidities, and aromas.

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